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Computers impact our lives everyday, they give us control over information that help shape the way we run our lives. But most people that use computers on a daily basis run into problems that a little knowledge of them would help. Here you will find answers to your computer questions and problems. You will be able to find tutorials related to general  everyday computer use. Graphic design, Web Design / Programming and Software Development. In the Gallery you will be able to see some wonderful digital artwork that you can purchase and find tutorials on how they were done. You can get repair help by contacting and e-mailing  me with your computer questions.
 Remember this! Computers are a fantastic invention and used in proper content, they are a wonderful asset to our everyday lives. But they are still only a tool and just like driving a car you must learn a little about how they function to better serve you. Technology is here to stay, each person must raise his or her level of knowledge or be at the mercy of computers and the people who do know how to use them...Enjoy the site.

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