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                                               Here are some terms that should help you better know your DVD drive.

     Dual Layer:                                                                                         Audio Extraction:        
         Factory pressed DVDs that contain data on to layers                           The process of copying audio data from a CD
         for a total capacity of around 9.4 GB. While all DVD                          also called (Ripping) Audio CDs include far less
         players including DVD-ROMs, can fully access dual                            formatting and error correction data than data CDs 
         layer discs, only Sony DRU-700A can record using them.                    so audio extraction must be supported by the drive

     Blue Laser:                                                                                          Buffer:
       A new technology that uses a blue laser beam to boost DVD                 Memory that is build into an optical drive to ensure
       capacity to 27GB, due to the much shorter wavelength of the                continuous flow of data to the drives laser during
       blue laser compared to the red laser, a lot more information                 recording. data is taken from its source, fed into the
       can be burned onto a blank DVD using a blue laser than with               drives buffer, and then spooned to the drives laser
       the thicker red laser.                                                                              for uninterrupted writing.

     Buffer Underrun:                                                                                  Combo Drives:                   
        When a disc is being burned the drive's laser is being fed by                 an optical drive that offers both DVD-R/RW and
        the disc's buffer. If the source feeding the buffer is interrupted             and CD-R/RW burning functionality.
        and the buffer empties, the recording process stops, this is known
        as underrun, today's CD-R and DVD-R drives have technology         DVD+R/RW:
        that prevents this from happening by halting the recording process      A DVD rewritable format called "Dash" RW which
        until the buffer is full again, but drives without this feature must         is supported by the DVD forum and companies. 
        abort the recording process rendering the disc unusable.                      Like Panasonic, Toshiba, Apple Computer, Hitachi,
                                                                                                                     NEC, Pioneer, Samsung and Sharp.

     Dual-Format DVD Burner:
        DVD burners that can read both DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW         Dual-Sided:
        discs, as opposed to single format drives that only can read +R            Some factory-pressed DVDs contain data on both
        or -R disks.                                                                                           sides of the disc. These are essentially two DVDs
                                                                                                                     placed back to back, and need to be flipped manually
     Firmware:                                                                                                for data on the opposing side to be accessed.
        The software built into a drive that regulates its operation.
        Firmware is usually stored in the EPROM or flash memory on         Red Laser:
        the drive, it can be updated in most drives, but updates normally        the conventional red laser beam used in todays DVD
        are not performed on a regular basis. (EPROM:) Erasable                   players and recorders. the size of the red laser restricts
        Programmable Read-Only Memory a type of memory chip that          a rewritable DVD's capacity to around 4.7 GB per
        can be programmed electrically and erased by exposure to                  layer.
        ultraviolet light.