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Important note: computers are conductors of electrical current! most computers contain data that in most cases is important to you or to someone else. This means that it is possible to harm both yourself and the computer when attempting to fix a computer problem. Experimenting without knowing what you are doing can cause accidents or damage to yourself and your computer. Do not work on the inside of a computer with out using some kind of grounding protection. example turning computer off and unplugging it from the outlet. Using a [GROUNDING BRACELET] The grounding bracelet clips onto the side of the computer case this will help eliminate ESD Electrostatic discharge, the average person can discharge 6,000 to 8,000 volts a charge of only 10 volts can damage computer components! also do not work on a computer while standing on carpet, carpet conducts electricity.

Static shielding bags: New components come shipped in static shielding bags, save the bags to store other devices that are not currently installed in a PC. As these devices are not protected from ESD
Note: There are times when you do not want to be grounded, when working on a Monitor, Laser Printer or Power Supply because you could provide a conduit for voltage to discharge through your body and in the case of monitors, electricity stored in capacitors could be dangerous.
Click [Diagram] to see what other grounding devices you can use.