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                      AM Computer Service
                                                                                     Service Pack 2:


          Microsoft Service Pack 2 is a significant upgrade that everyone using Windows XP should upgrade to, here
          are nine reasons you should upgrade.


1. Messenger service is now off:
    Microsoft's Messenger service, intended
    for network administrators, but most
    commonly known for its 'University   
    Diploma' pop-up spam, will be turned
    off by default.   
2. A more powerful and configurable firewall. In
    SP2, Windows firewall utilizes a more profess-
    ional interface and asks permit-or-deny
    questions about programs making unauthorized
    network connections. the firewall also runs
    during bootup. Service Pack 1 firewall doesn't
    which leaves a gap of vulnerability between the
    time Windows comes alive and the firewall
    service kicks in.
3. Improved Internet Explorer: The most improved
    addition are built-in pop-up blocker and a
    "Manager Add Ons" screen that lets you examine
    the third-party code modules that have integrated
    themselves with your browser. IE now tracks
    crashes more carefully to help programmers debug
    problems, modules will have a harder time inter-
    grating themselves with IE without your knowing
4. Simpler and more convenient Wi-Fi access.
    Win XP's wireless Lan client gets a new, stream-
    lined look here. The original version became hard
    to manage as Windows discovered and kept track
    of more than a few access point configurations
    Microsoft has also preconfigured hotspot profiles
    to make logging into various national services
    easier. An automatic connection feature allows
    you to easily hook into your preferred network
    whenever you've in range. Bluetooth support
    now works better for simple connections like
    keyboards, mice, and PDA links and shouldn't
    require external software to activate.