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The video card is another important component of your computer system, But most people know very little about them
other than they are associated with bringing pictures to the monitor. Here are some terms that you should know.


    AGP: (Accelerated Graphics Port)                                                    AGP Fast Write:
         A graphics card interface developed by Intel                                     Is a scheme that allows data to be sent directly  
         that provides the graphics controller direct                                       from the CPU to the videocard without first
         access to the PC's main memory. the AGP                                        placing it in main memory, this allows a small
         interface has been improved over the years                                       performance boost, but works only if it is supported
         and is known as 2X, 4X, and 8X AGP.                                              by both the video card and the motherboard. 
         8x AGP indicates that the interface provides
         a bandwidth of 2.1GB/sec, eight times higher
         than that of the original AGP standard.

   Anisotropic Filtering:                                                                         API: (Application Programming Interface)
         a function performed by the video card which                                  A set of protocols, subroutines, and data structures 
         reduces the shimmering effect that is common                                  that makes it easier for a programmer to produce
         when high-resolution textures are moved from                                  a sophisticated program by presenting what is ready
         the foreground to the background.                                                    made building blocks. Microsoft's DirectX is a API
                                                                                                                   as is OpenGL.
   Bilinear/ Trilinear Filtering:
         Two axes and three axes filtering, respectively.                             Core Clock Speed:
         A bilinear filtering process only takes into account                          the speed at which the GPU, or videocard core
         nearby pixels on a single mip-map level, trilinear                             operates. 
         filtering considers proximate pixels on more than
         one mip-map level.                                                                        GPU: (Graphics Processing Unit)
                                                                                                                  A special chip on the graphics card that accelerates
    DDR: (Double Data Rate)                                                                      mathematically intensive graphic tasks such as
          Refers to the memory technology that transfers data                       applying effects and textures to 3D objects.
          on both the rising and falling edge of the clock, thereby
          permitting twice the amount of data to be transferred for            Direct3D:
          any given clock speed. DDR memory is a common type                  a graphics API developed by Microsoft for processing
          of memory used in graphics cards today.                                         and displaying 3D graphics. Direct 3D is supported
                                                                                                                  by practically all modern videocards.

          Software that is required for the videocard to work                      DirectX:
          properly with the operating system. Performance and                     A cross platform code base written by Microsoft that
          compatibility problems with a videocard frequently                        allows game programmers to access hardware features
          can be addressed by installing the newest drivers.                            on a computer without exact knowledge as to what
                                                                                                                  kind of hardware is installed. this allows developers
     DVI: (Digital Visual Interface)                                                              to work on next generation effects years before they
          An interface that connects a monitor with a videocard                    are officially supported by videocards that are ready
          Most LCD displays support the DVI interface, and                         for public use.
          produce better image quality when used, a DVI connector
          actually output both digital video signals and the legacy                Floating Point Color:
          analog video signals. an adapter can be used to hook a                    Allows color information to be defined more accur-
          traditional VGA connector to the DVI interface.                              ately, with the use of decimal points. This is one of
                                                                                                                   the new features intoduced in DirectX.

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