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AM Computer Service
Tips Corner:


        Windows Shortcuts:
    [ Win ] Opens  the start menu

    [ Win + Pause/Break ] Access the System Control Panel

    [ Win ] + [ D ]  Minimize all windows to show the desktop - Press again to restore the windows

    [ Win ] + [ E ] Opens Windows Explorer at My Computer

    [ Win ] + [ F ] Opens Windows Search

    [ Win ] + [ R ] Opens Start menu's Run dialog box

    [ Win ] + [ U ] Utility Manager - a shortcut to controlling the Magnifier, Narrator and on screen keyboard

    [ Win ] + [ F1] Open Help and Support Center

    [ Win ] + [ Tab ] Cycle through open windows on the Taskbar

    Delete Immediately: Hold the [ Shift ] key as you drag a folder or file to the recycle Bin to delete it instantly

    Switch off Auto - Arrange: All icons on the desktop are arranged/aligned to an invisible grid. To gain more
                                              control over this, right click the desktop, select Arrange Icons By and then clear
                                              the Auto Arrange and Align to Grid settings.

    Hide Taskbar: Right - click the Taskbar and choose Properties, then select Auto-hide, Drag your mouse to the
                                       bottom of the screen and the Taskbar will reappear.

    Fix Problems playing video: If you can't play a certain video file, you've probably missing a codec. Download the
                                               complete Windows XP Codec Pack from.

    Get access to all the major IM networks using just one program by installing the free tool Pidgin, available from

    Stop Windows Live Messenger automatically launching at startup by choosing Tools > Options > General and
                                                     clearing the box marked 'Automatically run Windows Live Messenger when
                                                     I log into Windows'

   Trace Sender's IP: The reply address gives you no idea who sent you the spam. instead, use the headers to find
                                the earliest IP address ( a block of numbers in the form of Right - click this
                                number and choose copy.

                                Go to use there Who is search paste the IP address, you should learn the
                                Domain the spammer is using. Here are a couple of other sites the could help you.
                                ARIN:  /   RIPE: and APNIC: