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                     AM Computer Service
                                                                                          Tips Corner:

As more and more people use there computers for there home theater use and more and more speaker systems come on the market, the consumer needs to raise there knowledge to make the right choice in picking the right system for there needs. Well here are some important terms you should know, that should make the choice a little bit easier.

   Tech Terms You Should Know:                                                      Dolby Digital: A Dolby Laboratories format for repre-
   Crossover: A circuit that filters away audio signals                                          senting sound in six discrete channels 
                     that fall outside a certain range. This is                                          five positional channels and a subwoofer
                     used for preventing a speaker from                                                channel. This is a popular digital surround
                     receiving sound signals it cannot accurately                                   sound format, and is used in most DVD  
                     reproduce. A crossover usually consists of                                     movies.
                     one or more pairs of inductors and capacitors.

   DTS Sound: Digital Theater System, A multi-channel system          Frequency response: range within which the speaker
                       That is a surround sound format that competes                         will actually produce sound.
                       with Dolby Digital and also delivers sound in
                       discrete channels-5 positional channels and a 
                       subwoofer channel. DTS movies are encoded at          Mini-Jack: the small audio connector frequently used
                       a higher bit rate than that used by Dolby Digital                by headphones and computer speakers                 
                       so more information about the sound is used                     will actually produce sound.
                       during recording.
   Peak Power Rating ( Burst ): The peak power a speaker can
                       handle for a very brief period. This is usually
                       higher than the RMS power rating.
   Power Per Channel: The power rating of each individual
                                   speaker output. 
   RCA Plug: The traditional plug used in audio and video
                   cables. RCA connectors are normally coded red
                   for right-side audio, white for left-side audio, and
                   yellow for video. RCA stands for Radio
                   Corporation of America.
   RMS Power Rating: Root Mean Square power rating.
   this is a speaker's maximum continuous power output
   or how much power it can sustain indefinitely, this is
   more accurate-and realistic assessment of a speaker's
   power than Burst power.
Satellites: Speakers ( usually small ones ) that reproduce high
                and midrange tones, and that are designed for
                convenient placement.
  S/PDIF: Sony/Phillips Digital Interface. A format for
             transforming digital audio data without first
             converting it to an analog signal.
Subwoofer: A speaker designed to deliver very low frequency
                  sound. Because the human ear cannot distinguish
                  the direction of very low-frequency sound, the
                  subwoofer's placement does not affect the stereo-
                  scopic staging of music.
  THX Certification: A certification granted to theaters,
                              home cinema and multimedia products
                              indicating that they have met a level of
                              quality deemed sufficient to re-create
                              a movie theater experience. THX is
                              essentially a quality label created by
                              Lucasfilm, and was named after
                              George Lucas's firat feature film,
TOSlink/optical: A digital interface that uses a beam of light
                          carried through a cable to transmit digital
                          data to a speaker system. It uses a fiber optic
                          cable, hence the name. It's sometimes referred
                          to as TOSlink because it was developed by