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    Here are some answer that you should ask yourself and the salesman, when you are going to purchase a home speaker system.

    1. What Do I need to play Dolby Digital Surround Sound?
        In order to listen to true "discrete" Dolby Digital multi-channel audio
        on your PC, which is sound that is sent to separate channels from the
        sound source, all you need is hardware to decode the sound into it's
        separate channels and a 5.1 speaker system. A Dolby Digital audio
        stream is a digital signal that includes six audio channels, but these
        signals have to be sorted by a decoder and sent to their respective
        channels in order to get that movie-theater sound separation where you
        hear bullets whizzing from the front channel to the rear channel. This
        decoder can either be built into a soundcard or the speakers, or it can be
        a separate add-on unit.

   2. Placement of the Subwoofer?
       A subwoofer produces tones that are deep so the human ear is unable
       to pinpoint their location, which is why conventional wisdom is to put
       the subwoofer anywhere you like. However all rooms have what is
       called a "sweet spot" where the subwoofer sounds best, so when you are
       setting your up your subwoofer play something with heavy bass, like
       (300 Spartans) move the subwoofer around the room, return to your
       listening area to see how it sounds. Once you've pinpointed the "sweet
       spot" make notion use other people to also help in pinpointing.
    3. 5.1 vs 6.1?
       The addition of one speaker behind you or two on the side make a big
       difference, The traditional 5.1 surround sound speaker system sounds
       very good, but leaves huge gaps in the sound area behind you and on
       the sides as well. The more speakers you have to fill these gaps the better
       your sound experience will be. The only drawback to this right now, is
      Creative Labs is the only manufacturer selling 6.1 or 7.1 speaker systems
      The T7700 named Megaworks and Gigworks, and Creative Labs S700 5.1
      system which is upgradeable to 7.1 for an extra $100.00.
      You will need a soundcard that supports 7.1, which there are several on
      market and more coming. Click Diagram to see examples of  speaker



This is and example of
a add on Dolby Digital decoder from Creative Labs.